Super Meta Rangers is parody, comic series of The Japanese hit TV series Super Sentai Rangers, or as it is known in North America as Power Rangers. Super Meta Rangers takes the aspects, plots, characters, and concepts of both The Super Sentai and Power Rangers series and changes from their original purposes into a slap stick style of comedy.
Super Meta Rangers
Genre(s): Parody
Created by: ajshim (Alex Shim)
No. of Book(s): under works

Production team: ajshim comics

Alex Shim (Founder)


ajshim (Alex Shim)

Artist(s): ajshim (Alex Shim)
Parody / Tribute of: Super Sentai / Power Rangers

Series Overview

The original series Super Meta Rangers was based off are The Super Sentai series Agency and Bandai, and was aired by TV Asahi. While in North America the series is called The Power Rangers, which was produced by Saban Entermainment, then later by BVS Entertainment. Both series dealth with a group of super heroes known as The Sentai or Power Rangers, who fought against evil forces and monsters in colored outfits, using advanced weapons and mixed martial arts. With Super Meta Rangers, the rangers consit of a group of heroes with the same concept, however are used as an element of comedy. Also with each series there is a gimmick involved with each group of rangers. Examples would be like Dinosaurs, playing cards, ninjas, even spoofs of other Bandai related series, along with various other company series.


ajshim was inspired to create the series, after a group of his colleagues created a rant video of the reason why a orange colored Power Ranger never existed. The video

was titled Mystery of The Orange Power Ranger, which was posted on youtube, under the account RantsNReviews. The video consisted of various references to

Super Sentai and Power Ranger series, along with Super Sentai Rangers: Battle Fever (which had an orange ranger).ajshim then decided to create a fan based series of

the Power Rangers with an actual orange ranger. Later ajshim decided it would more fitting to create a spoof series, due to references made within the video.


  • Super Mbots Rangers (spoof of Metabots) When changed into their costumes, they gain the abilities to change weapons and costume designs with from other rangers

or fallen foes.

  • 7 Dragon Rangers (spoof of Dragon Ball Z) The team consits of seven rangers who are spoofs of the character from the Dragon Ball Z manga / series.
  • Dynasty Rangers (spoof of Dynasty Warriors) Each ranger has a weapon and costume similar to those from the Dynasty Warriors series. Also reference certain

phrases said within the Dynasty Warriors such as "Enemy commander defeated!" (original phrase is "Enemy officer defeated!"


Full list of Super Meta Rangers characters.


The robots or mecas used within the series are similar to another Bandai related series known as Gundam. Each robo used in each series have certain aspects to each

Gundam known. Such as the Gundams from G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Zeta Gundam and etc.

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