Roommates is a self spoof comic series created by ajshim. The Roommates comics references and spoofs many events, aspects and characters created by ajshim. The series was first intended as spoof of DC Comics' comic book series known as Countdown. The Countdown series had been known being quite possibly the worst comic series ever published. Ajshim then decided to create a series known as Roommates, which would spoof Countdown using ajshim's character. Then ajshim decided to create Roommates as its own series and continue to spoof his own comics.

Genre(s): Self Parody
Created by: ajshim (Alex Shim)
No. of Book(s): under works

Production team: ajshim comics

Alex Shim (Founder)
Author(s): ajshim (Alex Shim)
Artist(s): ajshim (Alex Shim)
Parody of: All of ajshim's original works, along with a few fan made and parodies.

Plot synopsis

In a fictional world where ajshim himself is a land lord / manager of a large border house apartments, where characters of his comics live together in various rooms and levels. Much of the humor within the series involves events, concepts, and character types based off their original concepts and story lines. Also parodies various other ideas and concepts such as Korean Dramas, Everyday life and current events.


Full list of Roommates characters

The cast of characters is far too large to list on this article. Click the link above to view the full list of characters in Roommates.



The first original series of Roommates, where characters and ajshim himself are spoofed in a world of craziness and absolutely no sense what so ever. 

Roommates: Countdown To Final Annoyance

The series of Roommates, where the plot lines of DC Comics: Countdown are spoofed with the characters created by ajshim and other writers ajshim has worked with.


The Avenue Apartments

The main settings of the series, where ajshim is the land lord / manager and all of the characters would live in. The apartments has 5 buildings with 7 floors in each building. The apartments also seem to have many hidden path ways and mysterious piece of properties, which many of the residents don't go towards or are unaware of.

Blackfury's Magic Shop

A shop that sells magic related products that is run by Blackfury (Blackfurry) from The Chronicles of Champpong 'n' Blackfurry. Jamppong (Champpong) is also an employee who works along side with Blackfury.

Rabi's Pub

A saloon under the ownership of Rabi the rabbit. The style of the saloon is very much like a mixture of a Western, Fantasy and Modern theme. Here ajshim usually comes to escape the chaos of his job.


The Sloth Neather Realm

A dark and bizzare neather world, where a magical being known as The Sloth Lord reigns over. The realms also deals heavily on sloth related themes.


  • The series Roommates: Countdown To Final Annoyance is based off of DC Comics Countdown To Final Crisis series.
  • ajshim was inspired by DC Comic's Countdown series and the tv show called Harvey Birdman.

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