• This comic series has been either canceled or placed on hold for the time being. Perhaps in the future ajshim will return to it.

The Hallow Shin series is a series of comic books created by ajshim. The series involves a banished god like figure that passes judgement upon those who had commited sins within their life. By entering into their subcouncious does the figure begin to embark the sinner into damnation or salvation.

Hallow Shin
Genre(s): Horror
Created by: Alex Shim
No. of Book(s): N/A


Alex Shim

Artist(s): Alex Shim

Series Overview

The series tells the stories of various characters that journey into their pasts and a strange neither world created by a banished "god" whose duty was to pass judgement upon the desires and actions of humans by entering into their subconcious and takes them into a strange and bizarre dimension known as the Neither Realm. As the characters attempt to escape into the bizzare neither world the "god" has them relive their past, present and possible future lives. Depending on the characters actions and choices that they make does the "god" pass judgement of damnation or salvation.


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