Dracula is The King of all Vampires and Lord of Darkness. Once a Crusader that fought against the Turkish during The Crusades, but now a cursed being that lives on the Earth as an undead being that requires blood in order to survive. This Dracula was inspired by various other Dracula interpretations, such as Bram Stoker's: Dracula and Dracula from Konami's franchise known as Castlevania.

Vladimir Dracula
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First appearance:
Age: over 300 years
Species: Vampire
Lair: Devil's Castle / Transylvania
Date of birth: Forgotten
Date of death: Doesn't keep track
Known allies: Various monsters that serve as his minions.

Rivals / Enemies:



Previous Lives


Dracula was once a Crusader who fought against the Trukish army during The Crusades. Upon returning to his lover, he finds her fallen to her death. Thus curses God upon the tragedy that befell him. Thus becoming a creature of the night, known as a Vampire.

A Lord

Around the same time during The Crusades, Dracula was a powerful and feared lord upon his people. With vastly large army (small compared to the Turkish army) at his disposal, Dracula had 89% of his country under his rule.


Alternate Versions

Dracula 'Vlad (Roommates)

Dracula Vlad is the spoof character of Dracula. Unlike the original character he is based off of, Dracula Vlad (usually referred to as Big D or Vladamir) is a comedic and yet serious characters, who tries to be "up to date with the times." His prized possession is his customized I-phone.





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  • The Dracula of ajshim comics has been inspired by various other Dracula interpretations, most heavily on Bram Stoker's Dracula.
  • Vlad Dracula of Roommates is dicpicted similar to that of the character Vlad of The Press Start Adventures, which happens to be spoof of Konami's franchise known as Castlevania.
  • Alex Shim once decided not have Dracula in any of the comics he had created, until he learned of the Twilight franchise.
  • After learning of the Twilight Books / Movies negative feed back, Shim decied to revamp the Vampire species.