The Chronicles of Champpong 'n' Blackfurry

Chapters 1 - 5

Chapter 1: Our Heroes

The story begins with Blackfurry day dreaming of himself as a high level Magician also being the richest citizen of Windurst. He continues to dream that he controls the world within his hands, but receives a rude awakening when he is woken by Champpong shouting at him in order to gain his attention. Champpong reminds Blackfurry about their plans for the day, as Blackfurry answers with a Stone spell on Champpong's head. The two then head out into the fields outside of Windurt to gain additional  experience to gain additional levels to their jobs. Blackfurry then finds an easy target to gain experience from, but before he can explain his plan to Champpong. Champpong charges forward to a near by Yagudo (Bird, human like creature) Monk and rapidly attacking it from behind in random directions with a charged spirit and smile. The Yagudo Monk then turns around with anger and annoyance, grabs Champpong by her head and throws her towards Blackfurry. They three then end up in all out brawl with Blackfurry and Champpong as the victors. When Champpong asks how she did to Blackfurry, Blackfurry again answers with a Stone on the head. As the two then turn around to see that they are surrounded by an army of Yagudos. Blackfurry then turns towards Champpong with an angry face as the Yagudo army begin to beat the two with their fists and weapons.

Book 2

Chapters 6 - 10

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